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Fauna and Flora

Inspiration for Many of my works comes from the beautiful Australian fauna and flora native to my district of southeast Queensland.

 A lot of my time these days is spent on commission works the majority of these are sculpted portraiture in steel. For the most part I work from a series of photographs as commission works can come from any part of the globe. If you would like a quote simply, contact me by phone at 61-07-41572190 or by email at

I would like to thank The Artistic Blacksmithing Association of North America for including my works in the Fall 2003 issue of their Magazine The Anvils Ring.  This is a point in my life I will always treasure, as being included alongside such accomplished trades people as those in this truly high quality magazine is something I never dreamt possible.

Northern Warrior

Northern Warrior
Hand carved with chisels from solid steel not cast

This  photograph is of me making miniature horseshoes as a demonstration at the local Historical Museum in Gin Gin

Most of my works depict Australians and our fauna and flora the materials used are mostly steel however where I have used wood it is from trees that have fallen by natural means.

Most of my pieces are in steel with the initial form forged in the heart of a blacksmiths forge then sculptured with hundreds of hours of carving with chisels and hammers

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